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PMPTPer Mare Per Terram (French: By Sea by Land)
PMPTPost-Modern Portfolio Theory
PMPTPerfect Murder, Perfect Town (Laurence Schiller book)
PMPTPractical Management for Plant Turnarounds (industrial maintenance)
PMPTPlanar Modular Production Technology
PMPTPreventive Medicine Planning Tool
PMPTPrimary Mouse Proximal Tubule Cells (biology)
PMPTProgression Masters of Physical Therapy
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Broughton House - Home of Salford and grater Manchester's Veterans Admire your courage and bravery thank you all Marina Platt God bless, I salute you sir and thank you - Per Mare Per Terram Dawn Hall Such bravery; God bless you all.
With the Latin motto Per Mare Per Terram - By Sea By Land - its elite fighters are trained to operate worldwide at sea, as well as in mountainous and even Arctic regions.
It is the third time the Marines, motto Per Mare Per Terram - By Sea By Land, have made the journey to the North East from their base in Taunton, Somerset, this year.
ITS motto, Per Mare Per Terram, means by sea, by land - a nod to their dual roles as sailor and soldier.