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PMPMPer Member Per Month
PMPMPer Month per Member (finance)
PMPMPilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum (Massachusetts)
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"Changes in per Member per Month Expenditures after Implementation of Florida's Medicaid Reform Demonstration." Health Services Researched!
At employers that replaced all health coverage with HRA programs, savings averaged about $2,100 per member over 4 years, but the savings dropped from $$9 per member per month in the first year to $27 per member per month in the fourth year.
These are: (1) State-specific Medicaid and private-specific expected resource measures (per member per month) by age, sex and ACG, and (2) pooled Medicaid and private relative resource weights (based on per member per month) by ACG within each State.
(Capitated payment is a flat rate per member per month.) For a fixed rate, PAGE provides a comprehensive set of services that are specifically tailored to the needs of each PAGE participant regardless of reimbursement source.
For 2000, the basis for per member per month payment (PMPM)--the average adjusted per capita cost (AAPCC)--will range, depending on the county, from $401 to $814.
We might not reach the excruciatingly tight levels of some areas (for example, $67 per member per month in San Diego.
Results The per member per month cost of care was $14.79 less for group participants than for those receiving traditional care.
The monthly price per member per month (PMPM) must be competitive (cheap) and less than the amount the insurance company is presently paying for equivalent services.
Less than 18 cents per member per month. Friends, there is a real bargain if I ever saw one!
There are no charges for network access, no online fees and no charges for personal messages up to 30 messages per member per month.
Payers determine these budgets by looking at various therapeutic areas to determine how much to allocate for each individual person, referred to as the price per member per month (PMPM).
During the study period, 724 members had a pharmacy or medical claim for an immune globulin drug, and USD 17.2m in total spend (USD 1.95 per member per month).