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PMPYPer Member Per Year
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The fee was originally $2 per member per year, but has gradually increased over the years.
5 percent compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) or $1,344 per member per year (PMPY).
The low deductibles, sometimes under $100,000 per member per year, require various internal limits in order to keep reinsurance premiums affordable for the HMO.
Shays is referring to the fact that while each chapter sets its own membership fees, chapters must send $15 per member per year back to the national office--a bone of contention for some chapters with limited funds, resources, and members.
Average gross cost per member, spread over the total employee population, decreased an average of $75 per member per year.
50 per member per year for the fifth consecutive year.
Switching to postcards shaves almost $3 per member per year off your communication cost with no significant loss of revenue.
Since our members tend to be 'tape-aholics,' we've gotten a tremendous response to that - and it costs about $4 per member per year.
The 2,200-member Lincoln Education Association contributes $5 per member per year to VIP.
Determine billable tests LIS per member per year (PMPY) DSS 7.
The actual hospital cost attributable to the disease is slightly lower: $6,338 per member per year.