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Meanwhile, those beneficiaries shall receive a Conditional Cash Transfer grant not lower than P700 per month per child enrolled in senior high school.
On an average, parents in the UK are currently putting aside 42.45 pounds per month per child, creating a pot likely to reach 14,716 pounds by the time they turn 18.
The cost per book per month per child is pounds 2.10 - pounds 25.20 every year.
The administration will provide \13,000 per month per child in fiscal 2010, and in accordance with the DPJ's election manifesto, plans to double the allowance to \26,000.
The course fee is BD5 per month per child to cover the cost of materials used.
Currently, subsidies are available in Alberta to a maximum of $475.00 per month per child for families earning $31,680 per annum or less (Doherty, Friendly & Beach, 2003; Government of Alberta, 2002).
At nearly pounds 450 per month per child for a state-run nursery and with the lack of spaces available, a private day care nursery could potentially charge up to pounds 1,000 per child per month.
The payments can be less than $200 per month per child or more than $1,000, depending on the severity of each child's needs.
In the orphanages, two orphanage graduates operate the machine and the children are provided with the dietary supplement for the cost of less than $5.00 per month per child.
Although women are entitled to Ugshs2,000 ($2) per month per child in maintenance, it does not go far - and few receive it.
The child care subsidy for low-income women remains at only $235 per month per child, whereas the average cost is around $360.
The level of child support payments recently ordered in Alberta may be reduced, however, no one should expect us to return to the days when child support payments of less than $200.00 per month per child were ordered.