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Average usage in the Severn Trent area is 117 litres per person per day.
Summary: Geneva [Switzerland], May 4 (ANI): The North Korean regime has cut official food rations down to 300 grams per person per day after the worst harvest in a decade in the country, the United Nations said on Friday.
'Less than a dollar per person per day. That is all it will cost developing countries in Asia and the Pacific to realize their ambitions for an inclusive and sustainable future,' Unescap said.
Summary: The bad news is that the UAE has one of the highest waste generation rates of between 1.9kg and 2.5kg per person per day.
'For example, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, tax free reduction is up to the amount of 600 KM per person per day, both for BiH citizens and foreigners, while the same privilege in the US for their citizens is up to the amount of 800 USD, and for foreigners, it is 100 USD,' noted Ramicevic.
by Times News ServiceThe recommended dietary allowance for fruit and vegetables is globally accepted as five portions per person per day.
Egypt currently distributes five loaves of subsidized bread per person per day. Citizens currently get 10 piasters for each loaf not purchased from their share every month, and they can use the proceeds -- the so-called bread points -- to buy other goods.
Expenditure per person per day in April this year also recorded a decrease of 5.3 per cent on April 2017.
A campaign of awareness and good practice cut consumption down to 50 litres (13 gallons) per person per day, compared to usage in America where it is 375 litres (100 gallons) per person per day.
BAG LIMIT: Sport "mini" season: 6 per person per day in Monroe County and Biscayne National Park; 12 per person per day elsewhere in Florida.
The P10,000 hypothetical budget also presupposes transport fare of P806 per month or only P5 per person per day. 'That's not even enough for a one-way jeepney ride,' he said.
Admission is $5 per person per day. Kids 12 and younger get in free.