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PNLPacific Northwest National Laboratory (usually seen as PNNL; Richland, WA)
PNLPartidul National Liberal (National Liberal Party, Romania)
PNLProgrammazione Neuro-Linguistica (Italian: Neuro-Linguistic Programming; psychology)
PNLPeace 'N' Lovés (French rap group)
PNLProgram Neighborhood Light
PNLProgramación Neuro Lingüistica (Spanish)
PNLPercutaneous Nephrolithotomy
PNLProfit and Loss (statement/analysis; business/accounting)
PNLPerceived Noise Level
PNLPulsed Nucleation Layer (semiconductors)
PNLPantelleria, Italy - Pantelleria (Airport Code)
PNLPower Networking Lunch (various locations)
PNLPacific Northwest League (baseball)
PNLPassenger Name List (airline industry)
PNLPrescribed Nuclear Load
PNLPoker Night Live (TV Show in UK, Canada)
PNLPulsed Neutron Log (oil & gas industry/geology)
PNLPacific Naval Lab (Canada)
PNLPax et Lux (Tufts University motto)
PNLPunks Need Lovin' (record company)
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Fluidic chevrons are used to enhance mixing in the jet shear layer and break up large-scale structures which contribute significantly to the perceived noise level (Thomas, Joslin 2002).
In particular, the project aims at contributing to the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe's (ACARE) goals of reducing the perceived noise level and the weight of the engine, and cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per passenger kilometre (which means a cut in fuel consumption) as well as reducing nitrogen dioxide (NOx) emissions.
Sekino said the court recognized those who live in an area with over 75 Weighted Equivalent Continuous Perceived Noise Level (WECPNL), an international environmental index for airplane noise, as qualifying for state compensation.
It differs from NEF in the way that it measures loudness as the maximum perceived noise level for each event.
This research has previously dealt with a preliminary sample survey, administered to regular users of the transport service, with the aim of identifying the perceived noise level and determining the perceived noise thresholds.
The district court ruling referred to the Weighted Equivalent Continuous Perceived Noise Level (WECPNL), an environmental index gauging noise from airplanes, saying, ''The residents in the area with over 75 WECPNL suffer damage beyond tolerable limits.''
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