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(1999), to remove them from the scale, as long as those items are not sacrificed in the theory and practice, and are considered indicators of weight in the dimensions that make up the perceived quality of service. The result of this process was the removal of items Q3, Q6, Q8, Q12, Q16 and Q17, reaching a model whose fit indices are satisfactory, implying a construct validity ([[ji al cuadrado].sup./gl]: 2.5530726; GFI: 0.901; AGFI: 0.872; RMR: 0.052; RMSEA: 0.062; NFI: 0.932; CFI: 0.957; IFI: 0.957; PGFI: 0.698).
After the psychometric calculations were completed in the research of the present study, we concluded that the scale of the proposed instrument, which we called "ATC-PSQUAL," has reliability and the validity of the construct with empirical evidence, corroborating the hypothesis stated: "The proposed scale, based on the concepts of perceived quality of service and the ATS, has the reliability and validity for measuring perceived service quality of air traffic control in the Barranquilla FIR" in compliance with our overall objective.
Hypothesis 3 predicted that significant differences in customer perceptions of service quality would be found across levels of customer participation, with higher levels of perceived quality of service encounter performance being linked to higher levels of customer participation.
The perceived quality of service to the customers was the major predictor of sales after store size, and this effect persisted generally over three years.
Additional components were the incentive system and perceived quality of services to customers.
This has implications for the overall perceived Quality of Service and merits further study.
Nevertheless, the real perceived quality of service may be determined if individual quality of service (iQoS) of a single customer is measured and analysed [1].
The influence of E-WOM quantity ([beta] = 0.15, t-value = 3.28 and p < 0.001) on perceived quality of services of e commerce brand was also significant.
The present study has also revealed that both review (e-WOM) quality and quantity also influence perceived quality of services offered by e-commerce brands but to a lesser extent.
No published study has assessed the impact of a microfinance program on the perceived quality of services available at health facilities in developing countries.
As developed by Black (1958), Arrow (1951), Buchanan (1968), and others, this theory suggests that supply and demand and the perceived quality of services provided function in public agencies through political processes.
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