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PPNPajak Pertambahan Nilai (Indonesian: Increment Value Tax)
PPNPerencanaan Pembangunan Nasional (Indonesian: National Development Planning)
PPNPrima Pagina News (Italy)
PPNPreferred Provider Network
PPNPromising Practices Network (website)
PPNPedunculopontine Nucleus
PPNPre-Pottery Neolithic
PPNPeripheral Parenteral Nutrition (therapy)
PPNPeer to Peer Networking
PPNPure Packet Node
PPNPublic Packet Network
PPNPoleski Park Narodowy (Polish: Poleski National Park)
PPNPartial Parenteral Nutrition
PPNPlant-Parasitic Nematode
PPNPrincipal Protected Note
PPNPassport Number
PPNPublic Procurement Network (UK)
PPNPolyhedral Process Network
PPNPharmacy Product Number
PPNProject Programmer Number
PPNPhysical Page Number (memory architecture)
PPNPay per Night (TV)
PPNProto-Planetary Nebula
PPNParti Progressiste Nigérien (French: Nigerien Progressive Party)
PPNPacket Processor Module
PPNPre-Penalty Notice (letter sent to alleged violators of US Treasury Dept. laws and codes)
PPNPeaches, Plums and Nectarines
PPNProfessional Placement Network (Boynton Beach, FL)
PPNPokemon Palace Network (websites)
PPNProtection Person Name (recipient of protective order; NCIC form datum)
PPNProcessor Port Network
PPNPedunculopontine Neurons
PPNPrivate Packet Network
PPNPure Proportional Navigation
PPNPositive People Network (online chat group)
PPNPeer Production News
PPNParameterized Post-Newtonianformalism for General Relativity
PPNPrioritized Petri Net
PPNParaproteinemic Polyneuropathy
PPNPersian Pop Network
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[4] Kementerian Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional/Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional, 2013.
In 1967, Widjojo became head of the powerful Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional, (Bappenas, National Development Planning Board) and from 1971 he held various key ministerial posts in the field of economic policy.
(3.) Kementerian Negara Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional/Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional (Bappenas).