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The opening B[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to the high E[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in the treble spans two octaves and a perfect fourth. From the E of the opening to the first B[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in the bass also spans two octaves and a perfect fourth.
Equally important to Pythagoras was the 2:3 ratio between the tones of the "perfect fifth" (the opening notes of "My Favorite Things") and the 3:4 ratio in the "perfect fourth" (the start of "Auld Lang Syne").
Bernardi Perini's supplement (AIV 137 [1978-9], 264) is clearly right: the ratio 4:3 generates the perfect fourth and 4 + 3 = 7.(2) However, neither he nor anyone else has explained what the consonance of the fourth is doing in this context: the pulse is not a source of musical pitch.
Thomas (1-0) earning his first victory of the season by pitching a perfect fourth inning.
Portillo left after allowing three hits and four runs, including three earned, in three innings, and reliever Xavier Esquivel threw a perfect fourth inning before Spokane added two runs in the fifth.
It did not look like it would be that way after he picked up four penalties from his first 15 shoots, but Jackson rallied to finish strongly with a perfect fourth and final round of five.