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Berenger, "A perfectly matched layer for the absorption of electromagnetic waves," Journal of Computational Physics, vol.
The particular implementation in LMS Virtual.Lab (Siemens 2015) is such that the perfectly matched layer is not meshed.
In fact, the most popular absorbing boundary condition, the so-called perfectly matched layer, has been always developed to be used on Euler equations, but very few attempts to use them on the wave equation can be found in the PSTD technical literature.
The second new contribution of this work is the application of a strongly well posed perfectly matched layer (PML) in the FETD with E and B fields.
[21.] Berenger, J.-P., "A perfectly matched layer for the absorption of electromagnetic waves," J.
Ezziani, "An unsplit convolutional perfectly matched layer improved at grazing incidence for seismic wave propagation in poroelastic media," Geophysics, vol.
Their particular implementation of the perfectly matched layer is termed an automatically matched layer.
Monk, "The perfectly matched layer in curvilinear coordinat," SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Vol.
Among specific topics are anisotropic wave propagation through finite-difference grids, a spectral element method for simulating acoustic waves in heterogeneous media, the dispersion analysis of spectral element methods for elastic wave propagation, a perfectly matched layer absorbing boundary condition for the second-order seismic wave equation, and using three-dimensional finite-difference modeling to design wide-azimuth surveys for improved subsalt imaging.
The perfectly matched layer (PML) ABC is presented by Berenger in 1994 [1].
The perfectly matched layer (PML) absorbing boundary conditions (ABCs) introduced by Berenger [9] have been widely used for truncating FDTD domains.
The perfectly matched layer absorbing boundary conditions proposed by Berenger [25], which have been found to be effective and to cause only slight reflection error, are used in our study.