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Unlucky Clare Davies, 27, from Trowbridge Green, Rumney, in Cardiff, has spoken of her five weeks of misfortune which saw her lose sentimental items in last month's first raid after moving in with her parents to recover from a perforated gastric ulcer.
The decision to use antifungal therapy in patients with gastric trauma in this setting was based on the finding of gastro-duodenal colonisation with candida in 47% of patients with peptic ulcer, compared with 15% of patients with normal endoscopy, (17) and is extrapolated from studies showing an association of perforated gastric ulcer with fungal peritonitis from gastric contents, (18) as well as recent data from trauma units suggesting a reduction in colonisation with candida and sepsis in patients receiving prophylaxis with fluconazole.
His appendix was removed and tissue sample was taken from his stomach after doctors thought he might have been suffering from a perforated gastric ulcer.
Pathologist Mr Scott Sanders said that Mr Wincup had died of a perforated gastric ulcer which had made a hole in his stomach and caused the vomiting.
Mikulicz sutured a perforated gastric ulcer for the first time in 1880, and suture is still the most common treatment for ulcer perforation.