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PBISPositive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
PBISPacific Bell Internet Services
PBISPerformance-Based Inspection System (Food Safety and Inspection Service; USDA)
PBISPerformance-Based Incentive System
PBISPacific Bell Internet Services (San Francisco, CA)
PBISProgram Budget Information System (US Navy)
PBISPositive Behavior Intervention Strategy
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SSS president Emil de Quiros earlier defended the directors' P1 million bonuses, saying these were given pursuant to the performance-based incentive system of the Governance Commission for GOCCs.
The PBB is one of the components of the administration's performance-based incentive system (PBIS), which recognizes and rewards exemplary performance in government.
However, as Holmstrom (1989) observes, firms are expected to become innovative not only by employing individuals who have the capacity to generate key innovations but also by rewarding those individuals--i.e., by adopting performance-based incentive systems that encourage the development of new products and services.
Many performance-based incentive systems have come to an end because companies haven't rewarded employees sufficiently.
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