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PBRFPerformance-Based Research Fund
PBRFPlum Brook Reactor Facility
PBRFPennington Biomedical Research Foundation
PBRFProbability of Being in Response Function (data analysis method)
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Performance-Based Research Fund Working Group (2002), Investing in Excellence: The Report of the Performance-Based Research Fund Working Group.
New Zealand is no exception to this trend, with the introduction of the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) in 2004 representing arguably the most significant change to the funding of tertiary institutions in New Zealand since the introduction of the equivalent full-time student (EFTS) funding system in 1991.
The report recommended the introduction of a "Performance-Based Research Fund", based on a mixed model of peer review and performance Indicators, (5) to assign funding based on the quality of research at an institution.
Gender differences exist among academics in remuneration, employment status and the performance-based research fund 2003 quality evaluation scores.
The Performance-Based Research Fund Working Group (PBRFWG) was subsequently established in July 2002 to further investigate the TEAC proposals as well as other possible funding regimes.
The Tertiary Education Advisory Commission (TEAC) in its November 2001 report, Shaping the Funding Framework, recommended the introduction of a performance-based research fund for tertiary education providers.
THE GOVERNMENT'S new structure for funding research in universities, the Performance-based Research Fund (PBRF), has received mixed reviews from nursing academics.
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