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In computing [Z.sup.(L)], we note from (15a) and (15b) that we need to compute the response part, [g.sub.R]([k.sub.L], [[bar.k].sub.i]; [bar.[rho]], [bar.[rho]]'), of the periodic Green's function once at the low wavenumber [k.sub.L].
On the other hand ML is used to evaluate the periodic Green's function at [absolute value of [bar.[rho]] - [bar.[rho]]'] = [R.sub.1] and k = [k.sub.L].
Araneo, "Efficient evaluation of the three-dimensional periodic Green's function through the Ewald method," IEEE Trans.
where [[].sub.A] and [G.sub.V] are the potential periodic Green's functions for a 2-D periodic array of electric dipoles and electric charges in free space, respectively.
In this section, the periodic Green's function and periodic method of moments (PMM) are introduced briefly.
Periodic method of moments (PMM) is an actual application of periodic Green's function. In PMM, the periodic Green's function is used to substitute the Green's function in free space in method of moments (MOM) and enforce the periodic boundary conditions [14,19].
[G.sub.p] is the periodic Green's function. J is the currents in the periodic unit cell.
The gradient of the periodic Green's function in spectral domain can be expressed as following [16]:
In the spatial domain, the periodic Green's function [G.sub.p]([??],[[??].sub.s]) has the form
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[20.] Stevanovic and Mosig, "Periodic Green's function for skewed 3d lattices using the Ewald transformation," Microwave and Opt.
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