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It will replace unreliable periodic inspections with a continuous early warning system for structural irregularities that are not visible by external inspection alone.
3.) Periodic: proper periodic inspection of the brushes and commutator is critical.
Contract notice: n 18c187ao - dg-hz - periodic inspections of technical equipment 2019 to 2022 - 3 lots
the subject of the contract is the provision of services in the field of periodic inspections and maintenance of medical equipment.
Hayari said in a press statement on Tuesday that the theft cases have been discovered through 48240 periodic inspections carried out by the EMRC personnel since the beginning of this year and until the end of February.
The change will be recorded in the Ordinance on the periodic inspections for checking the technical condition of the vehicles on the idea of aaSofia Municipality.
If you do this along with surprise and periodic inspections, each and every person in Bahrain will live for long time without any problem.
First, the EBSA will conduct periodic inspections of firms with substantial ERISA audit practices.
OSHA delineated specific daily, weekly and periodic inspections that were necessary.
The idea was that the religious homes would keep tabs on one another through periodic inspections, but critics charged that the plan would foster lax oversight of the institutions.
This entry supposedly was made under the authority of DEA regulations that require employees to maintain clean desks and allow for periodic inspections to ensure regulation compliance.
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