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PLOCPeripheral Location
PLOCPersistent Lines of Code
PLOCPerceived Locus of Causality
PLOCPurchase Line Of Credit
PLOCProlonged Loss of Communication (aviation)
PLOCPretending to Laugh out of Courtesy
PLOCPetroleum Leadership and Outlook Conference
PLOCProbability of Loss of Control (flight safety)
PLOCPittsburgh Local Organizing Committee
PLOCPlanning Leading Organizing Controlling
PLOCPhysical Line of Code (computer programming)
PLOCProtective Level of Care
PLOCPacific LandWarNet Operations Center (US Navy)
PLOCPrimary Local Exchange Carrier
PLOCPukekohe Light Opera Club, Inc. (Pukekohe, South Auckland, New Zealand)
PLOCProgrammable Lab on A Chip
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Ryden said Westhill was the best-performing peripheral location, thanks to a "steady churn" of smaller suites.
In the neuerrichtetem Humboldt Forum (HUF) in the reconstructed Berlin City Palace are to the non-European collections of the National Museums in Berlin - (SMB), which are among the most valuable of its kind in the world Prussian Cultural Heritage, from the fall of the Berlin Wall some peripheral location in Dahlem become the focus of public attention and the collections on Museum island equally be made against.
It's very much green belt and that combined with its peripheral location makes it unlikely in the extreme.
However, the region's peripheral location within the EU allows the Canary Islands to collect some of its indirect taxes, notably the general indirect Canarian tax (IGIC), in contrast to the rest of autonomous communities of the common regime.
It's more peripheral location for student accommodation means that it is at a disadvantage in light of the recent purpose built student accommodation in the city centre.
Despite the brief period of contestation, the Indigenous activists were permitted to erect the Teepee, albeit in a peripheral location (20 meters left), away from the main Canada Day celebration zone (Ballingall 2017).
We found that antecubital location and large gauge were associated with lower hemolysis compared with peripheral location and large-gauge IV lines (Table 9).
The absence of recent lesions in a cerebral MRI and the result of vHIT suggested a peripheral location of vascular injury within the area vascularized by the internal auditory artery (IAA) [5-7].
He added: "We believe our peripheral location where connectivity to London is vital for the development of our regional economy and the social development of our region will put us in a strong position to secure a Public Service Obligation.
It was in this last decade that, according to Schiller (1994), took place the first of three waves that marked the process of decentralization of retail, characterized by the peripheral location of supermarkets.
Despite the results not being statistically significant, we recommend that the initial punches taken for each assay should be from a peripheral location. If results are above the defined analytical cutoffs, the repeat punches should then be taken from a central location from 2 different blood spots (provided the blood spots are of acceptable quality).
It certainly speaks to New Hampshire being part of a larger regional economy--and with our small population, and peripheral location, it is a trend that is hard to reverse with tax cuts.
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