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PNSDPeripheral Nervous System Disorder
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PNSDPhase-Noise Spectral Density (physics)
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PNSDPeripheral Nervous System Development
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Our study showed prevalence of respiratory system diseases (dyspnea 20.6%), of gastrointestinal diseases system (nausea 17.5%) and central and peripheral nervous system disorders (headache 17.4%).
Lead is known to cause serious illnesses, including chronic neuropsychologic deficits, seizures, mental retardation and kidney, blood and peripheral nervous system disorders. Lead poisoning affects almost all organ systems in the body.
After excluding the mild manifestations noted above, cerebrovascular disease and seizures are the most common neuropsychiatric complications of SLE, with a cumulative incidence of 5%-15% and severe cognitive dysfunction, major depression, acute confusional state, peripheral nervous system disorders, and psychosis are all relatively uncommon, occurring in approximately l%-5% of all SLE patients, the authors wrote (Ann.
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