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PIBSPermanent Interest Bearing Shares
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PIBSPolar Ionospheric Beacon Satellite
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A: Permanent Interest Bearing Shares (Pibs) have attracted the attention of lots of investors because of their yields - and if you understand the risks, then that is fine.
Q: Can you please explain what Permanent Interest Bearing shares are?
The first is Pibs - Permanent Interest Bearing Shares issued by building societies.
Holders of pounds 75 million-worth of the society's stock market-traded permanent interest bearing shares (PIBS) have threatened to take legal action after their pay-outs were cut.
2) PIBS (Permanent Interest Bearing Shares) Pibs are issued by banks and building societies to boost their capital.
"I hesitate to suggest that people should go for what is known as 'permanent interest bearing shares', which will offer 6%to 7%, but are linked to the stock market.
Post City Editor Nevill Boyd Maunsell said the West Brom's stock markettraded, 6.15 per cent, permanent interest bearing shares (or PIBS) were trading last week at 43p against a nominal value of 100p and were yielding 14.3 per cent.
Q: I have noticed that Permanent Interest Bearing Shares (Pibs) are giving high yields.
Permanent interest bearing shares (Pibs) are a way for a mutual building society to raise capital.
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