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PURLPersistent Uniform Resource Locator
PURLPersistent Url
PURLPermanent Url
PURLPhoenix Urban Research Laboratory (Arizona)
PURLPersonal Uniform Resource Locator (customized website)
PURLPermanent Universal Resource Locator
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One of its small but highly useful features is "the ability to archive a page instantly and get back a permanent URL for that page in the Wayback Machine," which allows anybody to create a stable URL for future citation.
Mouse-overs indicate icon functions, such as advancing to the next or previous tracks, adjusting the volume, or acquiring the track's permanent URL and embed code.
This was a two-fold solution, first, it allows for permanent URL redirection from the old link to its new location and, second, it allows all URLs to retain link value and authority built on these previous domains to flow into the Women's Journals new locations.
* Many of the site's pages feature a "share this link" option; upon clicking it, a permanent URL for the given page appears that can be quickly copied and pasted into an e-mail, posted on a blog, etc.
The first step in preparing a digital repository consists of creating a permanent URL for each item in the digital collection that deep links directly to its page presented by the system.
Instructions for finding the permanent URL to bookmark are on the Learning Page.
Every document stored in DSpace has a unique and permanent URL. Materials submitted to the repository are organized within a community--a school, department, lab, or center.
Tables have the familiar look and feel of the printed Statistical Abstract and include helpful additional items such as index terms, last update, citations in APA and MLA formats, a permanent URL, and detailed source information.
Or, the AV content may not be attached to a permanent URL, so it's beyond search engine reach.
According to Hyeran Kang Brummett, a librarian and user experience expert from Indiana University, Bloomington, "Blacklight includes support [for] faceted browsing, relevance-based searching, bookmarking documents, [and] permanent URLs for documents" (blogs.libraries.indiana.edu/redux/2011/09/23/iucat-blacklight).
Permanent URLs. When citing sources, many students fail to check the URL they have copied to be sure that it can be used later.
Permalinks for ActiveVOS forms.ActiveVOS Process Request and Lookup forms can be invoked from Web pages, portals or from e-mail via permanent URLs.
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