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Permanent wood foundation. This type of foundation is most popular in northern parts of the country where the basement is on a concrete floor and is framed with pressure treated wood.
A permanent wood foundation requires no anchorage or sill; the joists simply can be toe-nailed into the wood foundation wall.
One intriguing feature of the house is the use of a Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF).
In 1995, in Alaska, faced with the need for a septic tank, my first thought was to use pressure-treated southern pine plywood, the same product used in Permanent Wood Foundations (PWF).
The North American lumber industry has been phasing out its use, except for shakes and shingles, permanent wood foundations and non-residential uses such as utility poles.
The story notes that although CCA is no longer used in applications "where direct contact is likely, including playgrounds and most residential uses, such as decks," the additive remains in applications such as "plywood (for both residential and commercial buildings), permanent wood foundations, timbers in commercial construction, marine pilings and piers, farm fencing, guardrails and sound walls along highways and utility poles."
Stainless steel fasteners and connectors are required for permanent wood foundations below grade and are recommended for use with treated wood in other severe exterior applications such as swimming pools, salt water exposure, etc.
Corrosion-Resistant Fasteners For Construction is an APA technical note with fastener recommendations for exterior siding, permanent wood foundations and fire-retardant treated plywood.
Typically used for support posts that are partially buried below grade and for permanent wood foundations and planters.
On March 17, the EPA granted that request, phasing out all but two residential uses of the products, agricultural fence posts and permanent wood foundations (PWFs).
More than 300,000 wood foundations--often called Permanent Wood Foundations, or PWFs--have been installed since 1969 for homes and other structures throughout the U.S.
of respondents % of respondents Past 12 months Decks 109 94 Landscape timbers 91 78 Outdoor structures 88 76 Wall/roof/floor framing in your home 53 46 Home exteriors 29 25 Permanent wood foundations 28 24 Outdoor furniture 25 22 Other (a) 20 17 I would not use treated wood in any building application 0 0 Planned in the next year Decking 101 87 Outdoor stairs 87 75 Landscape timbers 76 66 Fence posts or rails 73 63 Lattice panels 50 43 Residential fencing 50 43 Permanent wood foundations 17 15 Other (a) 16 14 I would not use treated wood in any building application 0 0 (a) Bottom plates, bulkheads, docks, foundation sill plate, girders, mud sills, seawalls.
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