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While many industries in California have been successful in securing variances or exemptions from the most stringent confined space regulation (section 5157), winery operations do not have that option and must comply with the "Permit Required Confined Space" regulations found in section 5157.
If an employer is able to demonstrate through monitoring and inspection data that a confined space contains only atmospheric - rather than mechanical, engulfed or configuration - hazards, which can be controlled by ventilation alone, the employer is permitted to follow alternative compliance procedures that are far less burdensome than those otherwise mandated for permit required confined spaces. In addition, by eliminating all hazards, employers are permitted to reclassify confined spaces covered by the rule as spaces no longer requiring permits.
This does not have to be a company supervisor/foreman, but can be an employee that is trained and knowledgeable of the hazards of working in confined spaces, and who is authorized to oversee entry work in permit required confined spaces. This person can also serve as the entrant or the attendant.
The OSHA Standard covering most of these situations is 1910.146--Permit-Required Confined Space--and contains requirements for practices and procedures to protect employees in the general industry from hazards of entry into permit required confined spaces.