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PERPPlan Epargne Retraite Populaire (French: Popular Retirement Savings Plan)
PERPPortable Equipment Registration Program (California Air Resources Board)
PERPPrimary Education Reform Program (est. 1993; Uganda)
PERPPlain English Role Playing
PERPPromotional Efforts Recognition Program (American Dairy Goat Association)
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Unicef said in a statement children have the right to be protected from sexual abuse and said perpetrators must be brought to justice.
And the report states: "Despite comprehensive action to disrupt and prosecute perpetrators and the publicity that this has attracted, sexual exploitation continues.
Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal had assured MQM-Pakistan chief Dr Farooq Sattar of prompt action against perpetrators.
Counsellor Ali Al Beloushi, Attorney General Abu Dhabi, said the technical team utilised their expertise and tracked down the crime gathering necessary evidence against perpetrators.
Respect's CEO Jo Todd added: "Keeping families safe from domestic violence requires a focus on the perpetrator, a sustained focus on both reducing further harm and changing behaviour.
The shop's 57-year old owner reportedly hit the perpetrator on the hand with a metal object and the would-be thief fled.
Efforts were made to identify the perpetrator and the injured party was taken to the event control centre for first aid.
Perpetrators do not generally start relationships with abuse.
For both victim and perpetrator, school social workers who received training were significantly more likely to endorse using interventions at the high level of severity than those who did not receive training.
Fabricated symptoms include apnea, which can be fabricated when the perpetrator of MSbP smothers the child with a pillow; diarrhea and vomiting, which can be brought on by emetics and laxatives; blood in samples of urine, stool, or vomit, which can be placed there by the perpetrator using his or her own blood; and rashes, which can be created by applying a caustic solution or dye to the skin (Beard, 2007; Morrell & Tilley, 2012).
Mamdani's other argument that "in civil wars no one is wholly innocent and one is wholly guilty [because] victims and perpetrators often trade places and each side has a narrative of violence", is flawed.
Many of these paintings contain no overt reference to the Third Reich, in contrast to the work of Werner Trubke, one of the few GDR artists to thematize the continuity of the perpetrator in Western post-war institutions.