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PERRLPupils Equal, Round, Reactive to Light (used by emergency room personnel)
PERRLPilot Emission Removals, Reductions and Learnings (climate change; Canada)
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HEENT indicated the following: normocephalic/atraumatic, PERRL, moist oral mucosa, and healthy dentition.
Nos fundos governamentais, se tem: Austrian JI/CDM Tender, Belgium Federal JI/CDM Tender, Canada PERRL, Danish Carbon Tender, Ecosecurities Standard Bank, Finnish JI/CDM Pilot Tender, German KFW, Rabobank/Durtch Gov't CDM Facility, Swiss Climat Cent, Japan Carbon Fund.
Eyes: PERRL, positive light reflex; no redness of conjunctiva; eyes dark gray in color.