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PARPersistent Allergic Rhinitis
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This is a prospective study conducted on 100 patients, both male and female aged 10 years and above suffering with symptoms of moderate-severe persistent allergic rhinitis since 3 years.
Although immunotherapy is not widely practised, it is highly effective in selected patients suffering with severe persistent allergic rhinitis.
In a 6 week comparative trial of levocetrizine 5mg or desloratadine mg alone or in combination with montalukast in patients with persistent allergic rhinitis by Ciebiada et al16 there was found no statistically significant difference between the two drugs although levocetrizine was slightly more efficacious overall than desloratadine in controlling symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
Costs associated with persistent allergic rhinitis are reduced by levocetrizine.
Montelukast with desloratadine or levocetrizine for the treatment of persistent allergic rhinitis.
Most patients had an elevated total IgE level, but in 4 cases (8%) this was within normal limits in spite of the patients having moderate to severe persistent allergic rhinitis with sensitisation to one or more aero-allergens, confirming that total IgE is a poor screening test for the diagnosis of atopy.
A re-analysis of only the patients with moderate to severe persistent allergic rhinitis in our previous study found that the rate of sensitisation to D.
Patients with persistent allergic rhinitis should be evaluated for asthma; likewise, those with asthma should be examined for allergic rhinitis, according to presentations at the annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.
People with persistent allergic rhinitis have symptoms that occur on more than 4 days per week and last more than 4 consecutive weeks.
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