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PFOPatent Foramen Ovale (defect of the heart)
PFOPrincipal Federal Official (US DHS)
PFOProxy Factory Object
PFOProduct Function Optimizer
PFOPersistent Felony Offender (various states)
PFOPyrolysis Fuel Oil
PFOPlaying for Others (teen development program; Charlotte, NC)
PFOPittsburgh Field Office (Pennsylvania)
PFOPinedale Field Office (US DOI)
PFOPersistent Foramen Ovale (cardiology)
PFOPower Fail Output
PFOPaphos, Cyprus - International (Airport Code)
PFOPissed Fell Over (UK medical slang for drunk patient)
PFOProfit From Operations
PFOPyruvate:Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase
PFOPerron-Frobenius Operator
PFOPinyon Flat Observatory (earthquake reporting station)
PFOProperty and Fiscal Office
PFOPlutonium Finishing Operation
PFOPink Floyd Online (fan site)
PFOPalustrine Forest (environmental science)
PFOPlease Frig Off (polite form, as in a PFO letter for a refused resume)
PFOPaint Flag Offset (marking underground utilities)
PFOProject Formulation Office (NASA)
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1 includes atrial septal defects, most deaths coded to this category are persistent foramen ovale.
The lead was placed in the left ventricle at that time through a persistent foramen ovale.
1,2) In our patient, the only cardiac abnormalities were a persistent left SVC draining into the coronary sinus, a persistent foramen ovale, and a bicuspid aortic valve (not shown).
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