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PBTCPerson Behind the Counter
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References in classic literature ?
I looked through the window, and saw her speak to a respectable elderly person behind the counter, who darted an indignant look at me, and at once led my charming stranger into a back office.
The only person behind the counter at which the liquors were served, was a bewildered servant girl, perfectly ignorant of the business.
in April, I went to the Post Office and waited half an hour or more to be served, and then the person behind the counter wanted to talk with me and learn Japanese while I wanted to leave quickly because I was worried about the long queue behind me - but now I understand that this is English service culture.
If in doubt, ask the person behind the counter, and don't forget to ask where your fish comes from and check it's sustainable.
Would you expect the person behind the counter for selling stamps, doing nothing other than twiddling his/her thumbs, to automatically come to your aid and serve you?
The author of Democracy and Totalitarianism, Aron states that "a bureaucrat in the sociological sense is not a person behind the counter or with pads on their sleeves.
Instead of quickly chucking post on to the scales to be weighed and priced we'll now have to wait for the person behind the counter to get their ruler out and measure each item's length, width and thickness.
The person behind the counter must have been absolutely terrified.
Also, the person behind the counter should have an outgoing personality, and be able to interact well with customers.
It's safer that way," explains one of the undercover officers, "and there's less chance that a child might try to grab some while the person behind the counter is distracted.