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70Person Down (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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Of course, no personal tale is complete without bringing the narrative of the person down to the last moment.
Suddenly Pierre heaved a deep sigh and dumped his heavy person down on the sofa beside Prince Andrew.
Flask was the last person down at the dinner, and Flask is the first man up.
It's not necessary for me to give you any further caution than to tell you that we have marked this person down and that you may be of use to me before I know it myself.
Whole town was in rubble, houses and shops were turned into ashes and horror stories and ghastly tales were all around which shiver a person down his spine.
There are so many people, who have told me that the cycle race, the ragging, the way everyone used to talk, the tendency of people to pull the other person down to get to the top everything is relatable.
If youre the person down the hall whos constantly interrupted to help someone print from the cloud or connect to the Wi-Fi, you will love these products, said Tracey Koziol, senior vice president, Office and Solutions Business Group, Xerox.
Eugene police confirmed in a statement that officers responded to a report of shots fired, and one person down, at the location just before 6:30 p.
If conscious, sit the person down with their shoulders raised.
Limit your exposure to it, and if it's unavoidable (like, for example, if the person lives in your house), sit that person down and, in a kind manner, see if you can point out how miserable they make the lives of others.
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