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70Person Down (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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Of course, no personal tale is complete without bringing the narrative of the person down to the last moment.
Suddenly Pierre heaved a deep sigh and dumped his heavy person down on the sofa beside Prince Andrew.
Flask was the last person down at the dinner, and Flask is the first man up.
"We're a-going to mark this person down. It may take a little time, but you don't mind that.
It's not necessary for me to give you any further caution than to tell you that we have marked this person down and that you may be of use to me before I know it myself.
That is the only competitive terrain of skating; count all the cones, wind the clock and the first person down the hill wins!
Whether they are leading in the polls or not and no matter in what position they occupy on the stage, they must compete; they must beat the other person down.
If it is simple fainting, they regain their consciousness within a minute or so." She said there is a difference between a simple fainting and seizure, adding, "When a person has seizure, they don't remember anything." Talking about the first aid to be given to a person in case of fainting, she said, "First lay the person down and lift their legs up to try to push more blood to the brain so that they come around quicker." However, fainting is a concern if a person is elderly, or is 40 and above and has the first fainting episode; or if it happens with exercise.
She instantly clapped back and shut the person down.
Later at around 12.30am, Bryce and another man followed a different person down Union Street, before Bryce's companion punched him and knocked him to the ground.
"He had been asked to help out at a social event and did not want to let that person down.
"He had been asked to help out at a social event and did not want to let that person down. He had a number of drinks and largely misjudged the amount of alcohol.
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