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PMKPeraturan Menteri Keuangan (Indonesian: Regulation of the Minister of Finance)
PMKPrimary Master Key
PMKPre Make Kit
PMKPattali Makkal Katchi (political party in India)
PMKPairwise Master Key (wireless protocol security mechanism)
PMKPerson Most Knowledgeable
PMKPopular Mechanics for Kids
PMKPot Meet Kettle
PMKPignataro Massive Krew (band)
PMKPiperonyl Methyl Keton
PMKPerformance Mark Errors
PMKProspect Marching Knights (Prospect High School, Mount Prospect, IL)
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2,7-9,27,28) Previous studies of the NLSCY have examined child hunger in relation to additional covariates, also examined here, including child health status; presence of a chronic condition, including asthma; hospitalization within the past year; family functioning; and characteristics of the person most knowledgeable about the child (PMK).
However, the person most knowledgeable about the impact of BIDs on the commercial market turned out to be Carl Weisbrod, whose organization's main goal has always been the attraction of more businesses to lower Manhattan.
We needed a training program, and she was the person most knowledgeable to produce it.
This team will advise the management representative (the person most knowledgeable about the quality management system and responsible for implementing it) during the design and implementation process.
You'll be able to ask a question in your language and have the person most knowledgeable about that question hear it and answer it in his language.
Why not demand in your 30(b)(6) deposition notice that the corporate defendant designate that person most knowledgeable of the facts of the case in relation to the law of the jurisdiction and then proceed to take that person's deposition?
The individual selected as the respondent for each family was either the head of the family, or, for married couples, the person most knowledgeable about family finances.