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PPYProfessional Photographer of the Year (award)
PPYPrior-Prior Year (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
PPYPancreatic Polypeptide
PPYPolymer Polypyrrole
PPYPress Photographer's Year (photographic competition)
PPYPronatura Peninsula de Yucatan, A.C.
PPYPetite Princess Yucie (Japanese anime)
PPYPuchi Puri Yucie (Japanese anime)
PPYPerson per Year
PPYPrestbury and Pittville Youth (UK)
PPYPlanla - Projelendir - Yonet (Turkish: Plan - Project - Manage; company in Beylikdüzü, VD, Turkey)
PPYProfessional Per Year
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David said the National Capital Region and Calabarzon region-which includes Rizal and Cavite, both parts of the MWSS east zone concession- were the most water-stressed areas with water availability of no more than 500 cubic meter per person per year. Such a volume is categorized as 'absolute scarcity.'
"If the results of the first few weeks stabilise, this number will be reduced to 21 bags per person per year, which will ensure that the 2025 directive target is reached as early as 2018," said OEB.
The Finns consume 12kg per person per year, according to stats from the International Coffee Organization.
It would be nice--pun intended--if we could have an international agreement on a US$86 per person per year healthcare financing floor, for which national governments and the international community would assume shared responsibility for financing, (8) and then have the WHO make recommendations on how to allocate it.
For example, the West MW idlands gets PS13 per person per year while Tees VT alley, which includes Middles-brough and the surrounding area, gets PS23 per person per year.
By scrapping import taxes on food from outside the EU we would save PS367 per person per year I cannot afford to continue paying 30% extra for food year in, year out and I wouldn't think you can either.
[5] It has the world's tenth most frequent visitors to the cinema, at 2.5 visits per person per year.
The online productivity suite will now cost Egyptian customers $30 per person per year, down from $50 per person per year.
Tim Porter, managing director of Lex Autolease, said the survey of 1,041 drivers also found that people drive for 70 minutes each day to and from work - equivalent to 10 full days per person per year.
Official figures show that around 1.3 million people entitled to Pension Credit - which tops up the income of the poorest pensioners - did not take up this benefit in 2013/14, missing out on an estimated PS2.86 billion in total - or an average of PS2,132 per person per year, Age UK said.
There will be tax cuts for millions amounting to about 1p per person per year - but there will be tax rises that will bring in PS50billion!
"Though it's not exactly unexpected, that PS10m over three years is over PS10 per person per year - compared to only around PS2 per person per year nationally.
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