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P4Pentium IV (Intel microprocessor)
P4Persona 4 (game)
P4Primary 4 (various schools)
P4Progesterone (hormone)
P4Perforce (software vendor)
P4Perfect Fourth (music)
P4Postnatal Day 4
P4Personal For (US Navy)
P4Prevent Polythene - Protect Planet (India; eco-campaign)
P4Product, Price, Promotion and Place (marketing analysis tool)
P4Photolithographic Pattern Plated Probe
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Along with Joker comes "Mementos," a stage based on the worlds from "Persona 5." It features soundtrack from "Persona 3," "Persona 4" and "Persona 5," and changes its background and color depending on the music being played.
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 continues the imaginative twists of its predecessor, but manages to streamline the experience, making it more accessible than before.
Like its predecessor, Persona 4 splits the day into segments.You'll attend school during the day and hang out with your friends in the evenings.
What elevates Persona 4 over last year's title is the experience is now much more focused.
While Persona 4 is an excellent title, it takes almost three hours to really kick in.
The game might be running on the creaking PS2, but Persona 4's visuals still impress.
Another thing that (http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/12/05/persona-5-script/) DualShockers learned from the PSX 2016 is the difference in the localized scripts of the new game and "Persona 4: Golden." Compared to "Golden," "Persona 5" reportedly has around 50 percent more dialogue.
As far as specific comments are concerned, Tokyo's testimony said "the story, the music and the graphics are incredible." It was also added that the general atmosphere of the gameplay was closer to the series' first three titles rather than the massively popular "Persona 4." "'Persona 5' feels like the logical evolution of the MegaTen series and also like the evolution of Atlus as a company," said the Central-translated source.