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Main advantages are: Preventive detection (threats are detected even before they have been carried out), Discriminative (cmf technology is able to distinguish if intrusion is provoked by a human, An animal or an object), Hidden system (technology can be installed inside the fence), Differentiating between distinct alarm levels (grade of threat can be measured distinguishing between loitering, Touching or climbing the fence), Tracking and identification of the intruders (collaborative tracking of the intruders) and personal data protection law friendly (cameras can be turned off while there are no threats).
Taiwan government announced a new draft for the Personal Data Protection Law in October, 2011, bringing challenges and impacts to local enterprises.
Much of the increased spending, according to report author Yuki Uehara, will be due to the effects of Japan's Personal Data Protection Law.
In short, the Personal Data Protection law will continue to protect the law-breakers, who will now refuse to pay their parking fines on the false grounds that they had not parked their car illegally.
The two plan to cash in on growing needs by corporate customers to protect in-house databases and other information materials ahead of the enforcement next April of the personal data protection law, the officials said.
The European Commission has proposed a reform applying European personal data protection laws to all providers who target, collect, store and process digital information concerning European consumers.
The candidate has been notified and made aware that he was violating personal data protection laws and promised to alter the message so as to give people the opportunity to not receive them if they so wish," Michaelides said.
Singapore, Nov 22, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - Go React, Asia's largest independent digital relationship-marketing agency, today released its white paper "The Principles of Trust: Turning Singapore's new personal data protection laws into business drivers.
The companies are citing personal data protection laws that took effect in April to obtain such written pledges from employees, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) said.