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They need help understanding and incorporating a personal exercise program into their healing journey,” said Dr.
The exceptionally well spoken strings of Krista Buckland Reisner and Peter Sulski could not entirely rescue what seemed inherently more of a composer's personal exercise than a work for the listener to relish.
In the section on personal exercise habits, participants were asked about frequency and duration of episodes of strenuous, moderate and mild physical activity during a typical week.
Wallie's owner decides to enroll Wallie in a pet fitness club and Wallie meets his personal exercise coach, Edwin the Exercise Elephant.
In this budget we have attempted to combine a strong economic focus with an equivalent emphasis on social inclusion with a human face," she said in her 90-minute speech which was her fifth such personal exercise as minister.
milon fitness equipment has been designed to automatically switch to the appropriate settings based on the user's physical profile and personal exercise programme, as soon as the smart card is inserted.
It will also benefit those on the Exercise on Referral Scheme - involving GPs prescribing patients with a course of exercise to benefit their health - who currently have to travel to Temple Park Leisure Centre in South Shields or Monkton Stadium in Jarrow to undergo their personal exercise programme.
He calls it a personal exercise but it has yielded a public art show, Brownation , that begs attention for the apparent irreverence that it encompasses.
Personal exercise of authority is, for example, committed to ordination, which refers to a lifelong exercise of the ministry in word and sacrament within the unlimited public of worship.
As a practicing cardiologist of many years standing, his recommendations for a healthy heart include job satisfaction, cutting smoking, avoiding passive smoking, a systematic personal exercise regimen of 30-40 minutes daily, and the following of a balanced diet low in animal fats and salt which includes at least five portions of fruit and vegetables daily.
What began as a personal exercise in trying to explain some basic tenets of streaming media without using the jargon I'd grown accustomed to in the past 14 years has been very well-read and has evoked additional comments and questions from those who are new to the space.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Resolving to exercise more frequently goes hand in hand with the desire of most Americans to lose weight, but Gallup's annual trends on personal exercise suggest that sedentary habits are hard to break.
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