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PFASPersonal Fall Arrest System
PFASPartial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
PFASPerfluoroalkyl Sulfonate
PFASPartnership Firm Assessed as Such (finance)
PFASPerfluorinated Alkylated Substances
PFASPotential False Alarm Source
PFASPenalty Fares Appeal Support (London tube penalty appeal; UK)
PFASPerry Freshwater Appreciation Society
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The harness is only one part of a personal fall arrest system.
According to OSHA, the final rule gives employers the flexibility to select the fall protection system that works best for them, choosing from a range of options including active fall protection, positioning and restraint, and personal fall arrest systems.
If workers use personal fall arrest systems, a harness should be provided for each one who needs to tie off to the anchor.
Course material shall include: annual bucket truck/aerial lift rescue, pole-top rescue, vault rescue, high voltage training, transformer connections, accident reviews, electrical clearance, enclosed space, confined space, grounding, job briefing, line clearance/tree trimming, PPE, underground electrical installations, overhead line installations and maintenance, dog-attack prevention, meter installation, tool and equipment inspections, voltage regulator and high voltage capacitor repairs and installations, rubber goods inspection and maintenance, overhead crane (digger derrick) safety, personal fall arrest systems, ladder safety, flammable liquids, fire safety, BBP, cold and stress.
8 m) or more above a lower level shall be protected from falling by the use of guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems.
The company said that the MAX X-Line fall-arrest system keeps contractors safe in work locations, helping them comply with OSHA's new fall-arrest regulations that require contractors to use guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, or safety nets on all roofs with slopes exceeding 4/12 when working six feet or more above a lower level.
The I-14 states that "Fall protection, perimeter guarding, personal fall arrest systems, or a personal fall restraint system (as applicable) shall be provided for all work areas that expose a worker to a fall hazard when approaching within 6 feet (1800mm) of an unguarded edge or unguarded skylight (with the exception of working on a ladder supported at grade or using a window cleaners' belt).
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