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PEFOPetrified Forest National Park (US National Park Service)
PEFOPre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (Australia)
PEFOPersonal Forum (Craigslist)
PEFOPrincipal Establishment and Finance Officer (UK government service)
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If candidates can't make a compelling case for their past achievements in their resume, don't offer them a personal forum.
Taylor used his trade weekly as a personal forum for his ideas on the Canadian film industry.
in fact, he rejects critics who suggestions that Ted Koppel and "Night Line" are a personal forum for Kissinger, by noting that news shapers can also be legitimate news makers.
These meetings provided a personal forum in which any questions for a specffic office could be answered.
And in such personal forums, is it appropriate or useful for marketers to attempt to take advantage of social networking?