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PHPPHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (HTML-embedded scripting language)
PHPPersonal Home Page (original name for PHP server-side scripting language)
PHPPhilippine Peso (Currency Unit, ISO)
PHPPeople Helping People
PHPParents Helping Parents
PHPPublic Health and Policy (various organizations)
PHPPublic Health Preparedness
PHPPan Head Phillips (screw fasteners)
PHPPartial Hospitalization Program
PHPPublic Health Perspective
PHPPhysicians Health Plan
PHPPhencyclidine (CAS 60124-79-0)
PHPProject Honey Pot (online security initiative)
PHPPublic Health Programme (various organizations)
PHPPersonal History Profile (various organizations)
PHPPlant Health Progress (journal; American Phytopathological Society)
PHPPersonal Health Profile (questionnaire)
PHPPercutaneous Hepatic Perfusion (cancer therapy)
PHPPost-Harvest Processing
PHPPANHA (Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company) Helicopter Project
PHPPenultimate Hop Popping
PHPPersonal Home Page
PHPPhp Hypertext Pre-Processing
PHPParsed Hypertext Pre-Processor
PHPPrivate Home Page
PHPPhysical Plan
PHPPremium Handset Protection
PHPPartnership Health Plan (various locations)
PHPPresbyterian Hospital of Plano (Plano, TX)
PHPProfessional Housing Provider (education based certification program)
PHPPositive Health Program (San Francisco, CA)
PHPPrepaid Health Plans (health maintenance organizations USA)
PHPPersonal Handy Phone
PHPPracticing His Presence (Christian act of praying all day)
PHPPre Hypertext Processor
PHPParallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact (international security consortium)
PHPPeople's Heritage Party (Ghana)
PHPPast High Priest
PHPProgrammable Hyperlinked Pasta
PHPPacking House Products (transportation)
PHPPhysicians' Home Page
PHPProject for Horticultural Promotion
PHPPenultimate Hop Pop (MPLS)
PHPPot Head Pixie
PHPProfessional Homepage Power (Germany)
PHPPost Hypertext Preprocessor
PHPPigeonhole Principal
PHPPeak Health Promotions (Melksham, UK)
PHPPower Hybrid Package
PHPPredicted Hitting Point
PHPPurple Heart Patrol (DC Comics)
PHPProcess of Handicap Production
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Using the results of their biometric screening, employees completed an online Personal Health Profile (PHP), which provided a customized report containing overall wellness scores, identifying high-risk areas, and describing steps that can be taken to reduce future health risks.
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Next, the hospital gets a handle on potential healthcare risks in the workforce by having each employee, and often their family members as well, complete a confidential, personal health profile.
While everyone is encouraged to have a personal health profile and participate in programs of interest, no one at the firm keeps a record of individual participation.
Confidential personal health profiles are developed for each employee in order to identify specific health risks, as well as employee interests and needs.
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