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PPBParts per Billion
PPBParti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (Malaysian political party)
PPBProcesso Produtivo Básico (Portuguese: Basic Productive Process)
PPBPlasma Protein Binding
PPBPetunia Pickle Bottom (designer baby products)
PPBPersonal Phone Book
PPBPost Processor Builder
PPBPrint Preview Button Bar
PPBPromotional Products Business
PPBParty Political Broadcast
PPBPlanning, Programming, & Budgeting
PPBPublic Policy Board (various organizations)
PPBPrimary Place of Business
PPBPotassium Phosphate Buffer
PPBPerl's Prussian Blue (chemical stain)
PPBProcessed Products Branch (USDA)
PPBProfessional Practice Board (British Psychological Society)
PPBPublic Procurement Board (various nations)
PPBPounds Per Barrel
PPBPlans, Program and Budget (US DHS)
PPBPhysical Plant Building
PPBprogetto preliminare di bilancio
PPBPerlis Plantations Berhad
PPBProprietary Positioning Business
PPBPostpolypectomy Bleeding
PPBProvisioning Parts Breakdown
PPBPartido Progressita Brasileiro (Progressist Party - Brazil)
PPBPotato Peel Bandage
PPBPower Plant Bulletin
PPBParks Planning Board
PPBProtección de cada Buque de la Compañía
PPBPersonnel and Pension Bureau (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Japan)
PPBProject Performance Baseline
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"The director, Andy Thompson, suggested I go through my personal phone book and get a few of my celebrity mates to star in the film.
The Corporate Profile Yearbook is your own personal phone book of important industry resources that gives you easy access to source products, discover a company's specifics, or learn more about the breadth of a company's available products.
Her personal phone book with numbers for Frank Sinatra and Jack Benny also sold for EUR122,060 ($150,000).
As a professional dancer with a BA from San Francisco State University and a passion for the field, I understand from experience the value of a personal phone book with more than 85,000 names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, Web sites, and contacts.
"I told him he could look at my personal phone book and check it out for himself."
Inside the phone file are interesting samples from phone message pads, Rolodex [R] inserts, personal phone book inserts and sample phone bills from a variety of carriers.
VoContact will provide the time conscience mobile business professional with a directory service enhanced with speech recognition to access their personal phone book anywhere, any time, with any wireless or wireline device." He reiterated VoContact's primary benefit provides mobile customers the convenience of dialing with their voice.
The conexs.com software is designed to be pre- loaded into PCs by manufacturers and offers real-time communication via the Internet, including worldwide telephone Internet communications capabilities, and allows users to create a personal phone book for regular contacts.
I even used the Windows-compatibility of the product to copy the address information, open the Card File application, and add an address to my personal phone book. For users who like to use Windows and the flexibility of moving information between applications, this is a very useful personal and business tool.
Handsets can be personalized for each individual user with programmable ring tones, the ability to select the navigation language displayed--English, German, French or Spanish, personal phone books with storage for 40 additional numbers in each handset and storage for 20 numbers in the missed call and redial memory.
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