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PSUBPacked Subtract
PSUBPurdue Student Union Board (Purdue University)
PSUBPersonal Submersible (homebuilt experimental submarine)
PSUBPiston-Supported Upper Bearing
PSUBPenguin Student Union Building (Clark College; Vancouver, WA)
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In 2000, Langford began developing plans and designs for his very own personal submersible, which is basically a small submarine, usually built for one or two people.
After working out some details, Rainier agreed to cast the first ever aluminum, battery-powered personal submersible.
Langford is excited at the prospect of others being able to enjoy his personal submersible in the future.
Among the launches at Big Boys Toys will be the $350,000 Bienville Legacy motorbike marvel from the ADMCi (American Design and Master-Craft Initiative) Foundation, top of the range luxury yachts from Team Nine, custom superboats from Hydrasport, $1 million handmade bespoke safe boxes from Doettling, the MK1 personal submersibles and jewellery from leading designer Yalmanian.