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PAVPrince Albert Victor
PAVPoveikio Aplinkai Vertinimas (Lithuanian: Environmental Impact Assessment)
PAVPost a Video
PAVPanda anti Virus
PAVProfessional anti Virus
PAVParallel Access Volume
PAVProject Algemene Vakken (Dutch: Project General Courses)
PAVPanda Antivirus
PAVProportional Assist Ventilation
PAVPersonal Air Vehicle
PAVParallel Access Volumes
PAVPre-Accident Value
PAVPressurized Aging Vessel
PAVParalyzed Veterans of America (Washington, DC)
PAVPermanent Absentee Voter
PAVPressure Activated Valve (medical device)
PAVPower Analog Video Board
PAVPersonenabfertigungsvorschriften (German)
PAVPrimary Air Vehicle (basic Aircraft prior to options/additions)
PAVPressure Alert Valve
PAVPositive Attitude Veterans (Hines, IL)
PAVPreparedness Assessment Visit (National Strike Force Coordination Center; US DHS)
PAVPay Adjustment Voucher (Marriott)
PAVPennsylvania Association for Volunteers (Reading, PA)
PAVPersonnel Allotment Voucher
PAVPrivacy, Anonymity, and Verifiability (ITIL v2)
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According to Lewis, the ATOL will be at the forefront as the future National Airspace System unfolds, which may include overland supersonic flight, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Personal Air Vehicles, aerial power generation platforms, and autonomous aerial vehicles.
That's important if personal air vehicles are ever going to bridge the gap between commercial air transport and the family car.
Future aircraft include personal air vehicles, uninhabited air vehicles, and a visionary autonomic vehicle concept.
NASA and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are investigating the feasibility of creating personal air vehicles that could replace or, at the very least, augment personal ground and air transportation schemes.
NASA'S activities in personal air vehicles are primarily focused on a pioneering integrated design effort for affordable vehicles, with low noise and emissions, and improved safety.
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