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PFDPersonal Flotation Device
PFDPrimary Flight Display
PFDProgram for Faculty Development (McMaster University; Canada)
PFDPublic Facilities District (various locations)
PFDPermanent Fund Dividend
PFDPelvic Floor Disorder
PFDPrairie Farms Dairy (Carlinville, IL)
PFDPattern File Disk
PFDProduct Function Definition
PFDPrefast for Drivers
PFDPrintout Format Definition
PFDProposal for Decision (public utility proposal)
PFDProcess Flow Diagram
PFDPfund (German: Pounds)
PFDPrion-Forming Domain (proteins)
PFDPower Flux Density (electrical engineering)
PFDPhase Frequency Detector (electronics)
PFDPrimary Frontal Dune (flooding)
PFDProposed Final Draft
PFDProbability of Failure on Demand
PFDPelvic Floor Dysfunction
PFDPhoenix Fire Department (Phoenix, AZ)
PFDPhiladelphia Fire Department
PFDPartners for Development (Silver Spring, MD)
PFDPrepared For Dyeing
PFDParker Fire District (Parker, CO)
PFDPublic Forum Debate
PFDPolyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia
PFDProgrammable Frequency Divider
PFDPrivolzhsky Federal District (Russia; aka Volga Region)
PFDPresent For Duty
PFDPortland Fire Department
PFDPersonal, Fatigue and Delay
PFDPhysical Facilities Department
PFDPartnerships for Finance and Development
PFDPartido Fuerza Democrática (Democratic Force Party, Costa Rica)
PFDPhysical Fitness Diagnostic (US Air Force ROTC)
PFDPhase Frequency Discriminator
PFDProcess Flow Design
PFDPartial Fractions Decomposition (calculus)
PFDProduction, Fielding/Deployment
PFDPreparation for Demonstration
PFDPresidio Fire Department
PFDPatron Fare Display
PFDPittsburgh Fire Department
PFDPseudoinflammatory Fundus Dystrophy
PFDPassive Frequency Doubler
PFDPenticton Fire Department
PFDPromo-Femmes/Développement Sport (Burkina Faso)
PFDProbability-of-error Fault Detection
PFDPolicy Formulation Division (DCAA)
PFDPlug Flow with Dispersion (environmental science)
PFDPuyallup Fire Department (Washington)
PFDPlandome Fire Department (Plandome, NY)
PFDProfit from Differences
PFDPropellant Fill Drain Valve
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Grant aid towards the provision of a Personal Flotation Device (hereafter referred to as a PFD~) fitted with an integrated 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon (hereafter referred to as a PLB~) for all fishermen and those operating aquaculture workboats.
While the two children - each under 10 years old - wore personal flotation devices, none of the adults had them, Lane County marine patrol deputy Paul Vitus said.
Participants must be prepared to swim and spend significant time in the water and have a wet or dry suit, river shoes, an approved personal flotation device and a whitewater helmet.
Paul Vitus, a marine deputy for the Lane County Sheriff's Office, is so tired of hearing excuses from people not wearing life jackets that he has been known to take money out of his own pocket to pay for a personal flotation device.
According to the later deposition of the guide in Clark's boat, the guide was not wearing a personal flotation device, daughter Julia Clark said.
The vest is cool, and the fit is pretty comfy," Bourney said as he adjusted his personal flotation device.
According to the guide's deposition, he was not wearing a personal flotation device, Julia Clark said, and his boat was not equipped with other safety equipment, such as a throw bag - a buoyant bag containing a length of rope that can be tossed to someone during a rescue.
Today, a small but loyal group of Amphicar owners around the world continues to keep in touch, holding rallys (or swim meets, as some are called), sharing restoration tips and swapping stories about the fun times they've had with their motorized personal flotation devices.
Rapidly expanding company that has added a revolutionary twist to Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's).
Contract awarded for 44160455/C&W/Supply and deliver non-inflatable personal flotation devices.
Lucky for me, I had a couple of weeks' head start to read over WDJ contributor/ dog trainer Stephanie Colman's review of personal flotation devices for dogs, which starts on page 6 of this issue, so I could buy the best one for my happy, neoprene-covered Woody duck.
Thankfully they were wearing personal flotation devices but they spent some time in freezing cold water before their cries were heard and they were rescued.
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