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In addition, vanpools vastly decrease the mileage put on personally owned vehicles, greatly reducing maintenance costs from the daily commute.
But alas, they put personally owned vehicles on commercial auto policies (often without telling us move their property into trusts while still insisting they own everything, change from sole-proprietorships to LLCs without a word, and sign contracts they've never read while assuming we are covering it all.
"By partnering with Zipcar, we have one more tool in our kit to encourage students to leave their personally owned vehicles at home during the school year, while teaching them to make sustainable transportation choices that we hope will extend beyond their college years."
Users need to be educated to treat the PCs they use in the same manner they treat their personally owned vehicles and individual weapons.
Of course, MVR checks also should be ordered for new hires when such individuals are expected to use company or personally owned vehicles.
When they were doing the work the inhabitants of Ann Arbor had 200,000 personally owned vehicles. As he recounts in Autonomy, "To provide nearly instantaneous access for trips in and around Ann Arbor, even during rush hours, the city would require a shared fleet of just 18,000 vehicles."
Annually, MTMC is responsible for the movement of 72,000 personally owned vehicles belonging to military and civilian members of the Department of Defense.
"This provides them with a uniform method for long-term storage of their personally owned vehicles."