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PIIPersonally Identifiable Information
PIIPhase II (clinical studies)
PIIPentium 2
PIIPerformance Improvement Initiative (various organizations)
PIIPatient Identifiable Information
PIIPentium II Processor (Intel)
PIIPlug It In
PIIPacific Invasives Initiative (Auckland, New Zealand)
PIIPersatuan Insinyur Indonesia
PIIPublic Interest Institute (Mount Pleasant, IA)
PIIProgram Integrated Information
PIIPasteur Institute of India
PIIPershing II (missile)
PIIPeople International Inc. (musical performance)
PIIPlasma Ion Implantation
PIIProfit Improvement Initiatives
PIIPublication Item Identifier
PIIPublic and Institutional Interactions
PIIPreliminary Item Identifier (NASA)
PIIProcurement Instrument Identification/Identifier
PIIPerformance Interconnect, Incorporated
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However, it is not associated with any personally identifiable information and the audio is distorted, the company said.
To mitigate against and to detect a member's health insurance number or person's personally identifiable information being used fraudulently, IDShield now provides a combination of services aimed to help prevent and detect identity theft.
Larger attacks scale email attacks could cost more than $2 million, particularly if they involved the sending and receipt of personally identifiable information and protected health information, according to the specialist insurer's findings.
There are just too many sources of personally identifiable information floating around the country without adequate protection.
Securities and Exchange Commission, that CFIUS, that CFIUS has expressed concerns about control over policyholders' personally identifiable information.
Once again, tens of millions of innocent, trusting consumers are left in a digital lurch, with personally identifiable information stolen, financial accounts compromised and passwords pilfered.
The South Carolina Department of Insurance's approval is conditioned on the continued protection of, and limited access to, certain personally identifiable information held by Genworth.
As students step foot onto college campuses this summer, valuable and personally identifiable information about them may be leaving the hallowed halls of their university without their permission.
While state and territory data breach notification laws differ, they generally consider driver's license numbers and SSNs equally important pieces of personally identifiable information. For example, California defines personal information in customer records subject to breach notification as specifically including both SSNs and driver's license or California identification card numbers, as well as credit and debit account numbers and medical and health insurance information (Cal.
Department staff are checking plans to determine if they are complete and, if so, will post plans online once scrubbed of personally identifiable information.
In the past year, the Department of the Navy (DON) has experienced five personally identifiable information (PII) breaches involving the urinalysis drug testing program.
All customer data is rendered secure and anonymous, ensuring that no personally identifiable information is stored in the cloud.