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POPost Office
POPurchase Order
POPetty Officer (military rank)
POPissed Off
POPouces (French: Inches)
POPiss Off
POPer Os (Latin: by mouth, orally)
POParole Officer
POPoint of Order
POProgram Office(r)
POPut Out
POProduct Owner (software development)
POPacific Ocean
POProject Officer
POPolice Officer
POPortugal (Including Azores Island & Madeirais)
POPostal Order
POPhone Order (medical)
POPeak Oil
POPortsmouth (UK postal code)
POPhysical Oceanography
POPort Orchard (Washington)
POPeace Operations (US DoD)
POPalm Oil
POPulmonary Oedema
POPull Off (guitar playing technique)
POPrivate Organization
POPurchasing Office
POPrice Objective
POPrevious Owner
POPrimary Objective
POProbation Officer
POPlatforma Obywatelska (Citizens Platform, Poland)
POProduction Order
POPartial Order
POPort Officer (US Navy)
POPerformance Objective
POPresiding Officer
POPropylene Oxide
POPartner Organization
POPor Orden (Spanish: on Behalf of and By Order Of)
POPeace Out
POProgram Operations
POPreparedness Officer (US FEMA)
POPartido Obrero (Argentina political party)
POPolikarpov (Soviet aircraft designer)
POProcurement Officer
POPick Off
POPayment Order
POPersonnel Officer
POPrevious Orders
POPayload Operator (US DoD)
POPresidential Office
POPhysical Optics
POPrincipal Only
POPilot Officer (Royal Air Force)
POPrato, Toscana (Italian province)
POPoint of Observation
POOfficer Personnel Division (US Navy)
POProcess Owner
POPatent Overflow (plumbing)
POProcurement Operations
POProject Order
POParity Odd
POPlanning Order
PODisney's Port Orleans Resort
POPostal Operator (PostEurop)
POPump Operator (fire department)
POPlanning Objective
POPersonnel & Organization
POPatrologia Orientalis
POPacket Oriented
POProvocative Operation (Edward De Bono)
POPeace Opportunity
POPolítica Operativa (Italian: Operational Policy)
POProduction Offset
POPreventive Officer
POPhosphorus Monoxide (chemistry)
POPossession of the US (IRB)
POPresiding Overseer
PODirectie Primair Onderwijs (Dutch)
POPartial Overlaps (spatial reasoning)
POProbability of Outage
POPrenegotiation Objective (USACE)
POSand/Dust Whirls (METAR weather)
POPetite Ondes (French: microwave)
POPartition Organized
POPropositioning Objective
POPoop Occurs :-)
POProgram Originator Code
POP (Precision Airdrop) System Office (US Air Force)
POPilot-Only Receiver
POProgram/Procurement Objective
POPrologue Overhead
POPerilmondo Onlus (Sri Lanka; est. 2004)
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Johnson is a personnel officer with Tesco involved in training at Frodsham where she was based.
Her husband, who once worked as a civil servant for ACAS and as a personnel officer in Swalec's Cardiff head office, then returned to their retirement cottage in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, where he gassed himself in the car.
Most recently, Cox served as senior vice president and chief personnel officer for PBG.
Norito Ikeda, former chief personnel officer of the Bank of Yokohama, was appointed the new president of Ashikaga Bank on Dec.
In addition, he said the tight-knit relationship among the company's six-member management team consisting of the chief executive officer, chief underwriting officer, chief information officer, chief financial officer, chief claims officer and chief personnel officer, helps to drive the company's success.
Other promotions include: Dianne Wood, vice president and loan officer, Kim Crook, vice president and chief financial officer; Linda English, assistant vice president and business development officer; Susan Tharp, assistant vice president and personnel officer; Brenda Felder, customer service officer; Will Watson, consumer loan officer; Jason Williams, teller operations officer; Steve Cull, administrative and security officer; and Brandy Hannah, sales manager.
SAN ANTONIO - As a personnel officer, it's not unusual for Capt.
Following assignments in Algeria and Italy, he began his career with the UN in 1974, with the Economic Commission for Africa, From 1979 to 1986, he worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Vienna as a Recruitment Officer, before joining the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development as a Personnel Officer. He returned to the UN system in 1999, when he was appointed Coordinator for Human Resources Management in New York.
Henry phones the personnel officer and is told, "We don't hire wise guys!" Puzzled, Henry asks John for more detail about what happened.
To keep up the ethnic minority drive, a special telephone hotline (0121 626 5135) will open from tomorrow on which would-be recruits can speak informally to personnel officer Karen Hicklin.
The incident commander also deploys a personnel officer, who records each officer's arrival and assigns each one as required.
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