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PLWAPeople Living With AIDS (aka Persons Living With AIDS)
PLWAPigeon Lake Watershed Association (Canada)
PLWAPersons Living With AIDS (aka People Living With AIDS)
PLWAPitt Law Women's Association
PLWAPixel-Level Weighted Average
PLWAPlanar Leaky-Wave Antenna
PLWAPublic Lands and Water Access Association
PLWAProliferative Lesions Without Atypia
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Arndt : Concerning the repeal of obsolete provisions in the Colorado Medical Assistance Program relating to the inactive home- and community-based services waiver for persons living with AIDS
Based on the estimates of the UN AIDS programme, she pointed out that the number of reported cases represents only 60% of the actual number of persons living with AIDS in Tunisia.
However, the NSP 2000-2005 put into words the intention to change this, and had as one of its four strategies: 'Improve the care and treatment of HIV-positive persons and persons living with AIDS to promote a better quality of life and limit the need for hospital care'.
However, epidemiologic evidence indicates an increased mortality among persons living with AIDS codiagnosed with a neurological condition compared with those without neurological manifestations (Levine et al., 2008; Vivithanapom et al., 2010).
She serves as consultant for such organizations as Persons Living With AIDS Network and AIDS Saskatoon; has been an advisor for working groups such as All Nations Hope Network and Public Health Canada; has spoken in schools both in the Saskatoon Public School system and Saskatchewan First Nations; has participated in the documentaries "Positive Women" (for Canadian AIDS Law Society) and "Silent Epidemic" (Indigenous Circle); and has written articles and been interviewed for various television programs.
In fact, these 12 metropolitan statistical areas accounted for about 44 percent of all persons living with AIDS in the United States.
For this report, AIDS data reported to CDC by the end of June 2010 from 50 states and DC were analyzed to determine the annual number of AIDS diagnoses, deaths among persons with AIDS, and persons living with AIDS from 1981 through 2008.
The proposals range from the general ("Hate the disease, not the people infected" or "Observe World AIDS Day") to the more specific ("Befriend persons living with AIDS" or "Get checked regularly for STDs").
However, Pra Kruu Wilard is the only monk who visits the hospice program and provides care for persons living with AIDS. Pra Kruu Wilard stated that rest of the monks and nuns are not interested in providing AIDS care.
Relevant groups (civil society, health workers, policymakers, government officials, businessmen, religious leaders, persons living with AIDS) are brought together and asked a series of [approximately equal to] 100 standardized questions.
With the increase of persons living with AIDS and the advent of HAART, there is an increase of persons living with AIDS entering or re-entering the workplace and seeking public vocational employment services (Brooks & Klosinski, 1999; Glenn, Ford, Moore, & Hollar, 2003; Hunt, Jaques, Niles, & Wierzals, 2003;
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