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Unknown elements in this analysis are 1) how closely the reference population used to develop these criteria represents the true population of persons with fibromyalgia, and 2) the biases of the ACR experts.
(49) This Cochrane review further supports aerobic exercise as bring beneficial for persons with fibromyalgia. (50,51)
(54) The authors calculated that persons with fibromyalgia treated with antidepressants were 4 times more likely to improve than persons treated with placebo (number need to treat [NNT]=4).
Persons with fibromyalgia should know that although specific symptoms, particularly pain, may be not be dramatically reduced with treatment, aerobic exercise and tricyclic antidepressants alleviate some symptoms with minimal adverse effects (SOR: A).
(16,20,21) In one report, persons with fibromyalgia scored lower on a well being scale than persons with rheumatoid arthritis or advanced cancer.
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