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PISAProgramme for International Student Assessment
PISAProgram for International Student Assessment (US)
PISAPenang International Sports Arena
PISAProgrammable Intelligent Services Accelerator
PISAProgramme International pour le Suivi des Acquis des Élèves (French: Programme for International Student Assessment; various locations)
PISAProximal Isovelocity Surface Area (echocardiography)
PISAPrivacy Incorporated Software Agent (EU)
PISAProfessional Investigators and Security Association
PISAPrivate Investigators and Security Agencies (Canada)
PISAPortable Instruction Set Architecture (MIPS-like instruction set)
PISAPortable Information System Architecture
PISAPerspectives of Intelligent Systems' Assistance (workshop)
PISAPHENIX Integrated Simulation Package
PISAPolymorphic Instruction Set Architecture