PERTECPersonnel Technologies (US Army)
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38) This compares with one of eight Pertec spin-offs still in operation (Micropolis) and none of the descendants of Storage Technology.
Prior to joining VERITAS Software, Silver worked at General Automation, Andrew Corporation, AST, Forward Technology and Pertec Computer Corporation.
Hoheisel has a strong background in technical product OEM sales and marketing management, including positions at Pioneer New Media Technologies and Pertec Peripherals.
He previously served as operations manager at Truvel and manager of production and material control at Pertec Computer Corp.
Gossen previously served as manager of Industrial Engineering at Pertec Computer Corp.
Gabai is a graduate of Columbia University and has held positions at Pertec Computer Corp.
Previously, Joseph was senior vice president of sales and marketing for Xerox Imaging Systems, and he has also held senior sales and marketing management positions with IBM, Pertec Computer and Data General.
Both products are bundled with new tape drives from Seagate Technology and Pertec Memories.
Iris Grable, vice president of marketing and business development at IMS, has 23 years of experience with OEM electronics and EMS companies such as AVEX, SCI Systems, Micropolis and Pertec Peripheral.
The Travan licensee companies include Hewlett-Packard's Colorado Memory Systems division, Seagate, Iomega, Exabyte, Tandberg Data, Sony, Tecmar (formerly Rexon), Pertec Memories, AIWA, TEAC and 3M.
She began her career at a major Denver law firm and quickly moved into industry in various roles, including vice president and general counsel of Pertec Computer Corporation and vice president, secretary and general counsel of Informatics General Corporation.