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Because Hcs have been treated as two distinct proteins (Terwilliger, 1998), two protein data sets were formed based on the Pfam domain evaluation results: (a) an HcM data set, and (b) an HcA data set.
Eberhardt et al., "The Pfam protein families database: towards a more sustainable future," Nucleic Acids Research, vol.
We adopted a widely used database Pfam [22] to perform protein domain analysis.
A pubertal mammary gland (PMG) structural domain, putatively involved in KAP11.1 protein function, was found using Pfam. This domain was also found in human and cattle.
Pfam searching identified a conserved cold shock DNA-binding domain (Clan #CL0021) within the N-terminal region of Dm-Csp1 with a significant E-value score of 2.9E - 25.
After GO or PFAM was chosen, the ER score of GO or domain pairs are computed by PAIRS to construct the feature vector for each protein-protein interaction pair.
Durbin, "Pfam: a comprehensive database of protein domain families based on seed alignments," Proteins: Structure, Function and Genetics, vol.
Further, transcripts with CpC < 0, CPAT < 0.364, and PhyloCSF < -20 that encoded any protein domains cataloged in the Pfam database were filtered out utilizing HMMER software [27].
La super familia OMP-1/MSP2/P44 tambien conocida como Pfam o PF01617 [17, 37], codifica proteinas de superficie y son unicas en la familia Anaplasmataceae [37].
kpYBDN can encode a protein with AY-glucosidase activity; YBDNs only contains a PAPS reduct domain (Pfam clan No.