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PGAPPew Global Attitudes Project
PGAPPyroglutamate Aminopeptidase (enzyme used in deblocking blocked proteins prior to sequencing)
PGAPProfessional Golfers Association of the Philippines
PGAPPirate Groupie Addiction Program (blog)
PGAPProfessional Group on Antennas and Wave Propagation (predecessor to IEEE AP-S)
PGAPPrimary Grades Acceleration Program (Charleston County School District; South Carolina)
PGAPProgramme for General Audit Procedures
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GPI deficiencies caused by somatic and germline mutations in PIG and PGAP genes
Efficacy of the PGAP has been studied previously although not extensively (Sullivan et al 2006).
PGAP is a structured 10-week intervention that helps disabled veterans eliminate attitudinal barriers, which studies suggest can have at least as large an impact on a disabled veteran's ability to return to work as their physical or mental conditions.