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The Ph.C. values can also be well used for the characterization of the agrotechnical elements (fertilization, crop rotation, irrigation).
Key words: C3 (wheat), C4 (maize), photosynthetic capacity (Ph.C.), yield
Under photosynthetic capacity (Ph.C.) we mean the combined value of leaf area and chlorophyll content as correlated to the yield, which can be described by the special parameter developed by us:
In the optimal agrotechnical treatments, the Ph.C. values of maize and wheat varied between 243-446 and 584-1658, respectively, depending upon the year.
The effect of fertilization on the photosynthetic capacity was undoubtedly positive in the case of maize also (higher Ph.C. values) in all three crop rotations.
The results showed a close, significant correlation between the yield and the Ph.C. values.
For the description of this, a new parameter was developed by Pepo (P-index, Ph.C.).
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