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PhBPhilosophiae Baccalaureus (bachelor of philosophy)
PhBPer Hop Behavior
PhBPlayer's Handbook (gaming)
PhBPorcelain Hinged Box
PhBPersonal Health Budget (UK)
PhBper Hop Behaviour
PhBPoor House Bistro (San Jose, CA)
PhBPointy Haired Boss (Dilbert)
PhBBachelor of Philosophy
PhBPCI Host Bridge
PhBPatrick Henry Building (various locations)
PhBPopulation Health Branch (Canada)
PhBPackway Handle Band
PhBPoptropica Help Blog (kids' website)
PhBPsycho Hose Beast
PhBPhotographic Bulletin
PhBPacket Handling Buffer
PhBPremium Hereford Beef
PhBPre-Hydrated Bentonite
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The PHB has the ability to address many of India's healthcare concerns, processing millions of transactions per day, integrating with all providers increasing efficiently for millions of consumers.
PHB resembles in its properties like crystallinity, melting point and tensile strength the non-degradable and fossil-based isotactic polypropylene (iPP).
The strong lines from reflections of (020), (110), (101), and (121) PHB planes verify a higher fraction of the crystalline PHB component in the PHB/CHIT blend contrary to the amorphous character of chitosan.
Weiss uses a partnership of two microorganisms working together: a cyanobacterium, or blue-green algae, that creates sucrose through photosynthesis, and a bacterium that makes PHB. The cyanobacterium, Synechococcus elongatus, naturally makes sucrose when exposed to salt water, but engineering a transporter into the cyanobacteria causes it to continuously pump the sugar outside the cell.
Among these agents, the essential oils present a future promissory, however the studies of incorporation of essential oils in PHB films and evaluation of their antimicrobial action are scarce.
In this work, we explored the use of several PHB and type I collagen blends (PHB/Coll) for the synthesis of electrospun fibrous meshes with potential for tissue engineering applications.
(2013) studied the effects poly-[beta]-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) has on growth as well as hepatopancreatic enzyme activity of Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis juveniles with an initial weight of 0.8-1.0 g.
Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) is the most abundant naturally-occurring polyester produced by bacteria in response to carbon oversupply and other nutrient limitations, such as low nitrogen levels (2).